About Us

Rothbury Farms is a fourth generation, family owned and operated business, which has been making a variety of delicious bakery products and snacks since 1923.

Located west of the Grand River in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, we began baking fresh pies in 1923. Then, as the depression and the lifting of prohibition combined to cut the demand for pies, we responded to the changing market by shifting our production to bread and other fresh bakery products.

In 1972, we shifted again, this time toward dry wheat-based products, including croutons, stuffing, and bread crumbs, which are currently sold in retail, foodservice, and industrial markets across the United States.

Over the years we have continued to grow our product lines and have also branched out into a variety of snack foods. Today, we continue making what we think are some of the best croutons, breads and snacks around.

We take great pride in what we do and strive to deliver consumer value by using only the highest quality ingredients to create the very best products. We deliver those products, properly priced, without gimmicks, every time. We believe what we do best we do better than any competitor worldwide. As our customer you can expect this kind of value today and in years to come.


At Rothbury Farms, consumer value means using the highest quality ingredients to produce the very best products. It means delivering those products properly priced, without gimmicks, every time. As our customer, you can expect this kind of value.