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We have an extensive line of Rothbury Farms Croutons with flavors, sizes and textures to fit any occasion. Our Seasoned, Cheese Garlic, Buttery Garlic, Italian Style, and Fat-Free Croutons deliver great crunch and a mouth-watering flavor for all your salads, soups, casseroles, stuffing, or snacking needs. We also have our Texas Toast Seasoned and Texas Toast Cheese Garlic Croutons with the same great crunch and mouth-watering seasoning but in a larger size great for snacking, dipping and hors d'oeuvres. Our more premium line consists of an Organic Seasoned Crouton that’s 100% whole grain and includes 7 different organic whole grains and our most recent line of French Bread Croutons made from French Bread and generously seasoned for an intense burst of flavor and a melt in your mouth light bite that’s great for snacking.

While other companies rely on grocery stales and outside bakeries, at Rothbury Farms, we have always baked our bread specifically for croutons; no grocery stales for us. Since we bake fresh bread specifically for croutons we’re able to avoid the use of unnecessary preservatives and softeners. We’re able to turn raw ingredients into delicious croutons in a matter of hours providing a fresher, more flavorful crouton. We also use canola oil, a trans fat free oil, to make our croutons, and have for years.

Our success is attributed not only to our specially baked bread but also to our high quality and strict purity standards. We take great pride in what we do and use only the finest ingredients to create the best product we can. We believe what we do best we do better than any competitor worldwide.



Grandpa began baking in 1923 and loved baking bread. Our Rothbury Farms Grandpa’s Oven breads continue the tradition established by Grandpa over 80 years ago delivering the highest quality baked goods, made from the finest ingredients, at a great value. Still family-owned and operated today, we look forward to continuing that tradition for many years to come.

Our Rothbury Farms Grandpa’s Oven Breads are a delicious addition to your day, whether you just slice off a piece, toast and butter it, make it into french toast, or use it in some other adventurous way. You can find our Raisin Bread, Cinnamon Swirl Bread, and Apple Fritter Bread all year round and we also have a variety of other flavors, such as Monkey Bread, Blueberry Cobbler Bread, Cherry Cobbler Bread, Pumpkin Cobbler Bread available seasonally throughout the year.

Try our breads today and treat yourself to a wonderful taste experience.

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